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Custom Boat Carpet

I've owned several boats with a swim step....and fortunately it's been pretty simple for us to use it albiet they haven't been the largest swim step....however with the latest upgrade to a bayliner 340..(monster boat to me)...the swim step is nothing less than huge!!...

we have 2 shelties that are basically our kids and to help them get on and off the boat...of course being dog's ..they don't really have alot of traction so...we have tried a few things...purchasing throw carpets from wally world...thoughts of using a paintable rubber application..and finally came up with snap in carpets...

so..I contacted several people around town to get an idea on the cost....well...shocked wasn't the word these people were asking for ....one guy even wanted ME to buy the bulk carpet and let him do the cutting and sewing part....all of them were asking a kings ransome for the carpets...these are the same type of carpets that are in my cockpit....rubber backed....beaded edges....snaps to install...etc....

I finally got the name from our maxum owners club site ...this gent came on and offered to send me a pattern kit for about 18 bucks...from there that would be applied back to my total bill.....I made the patterns I wanted and sent the kit back to him....which was on a friday if I remember correctly....to took me a couple of hrs to make the patterns...trying to get each pattern inked to at least look like something I wanted....there was plenty of pattern material so..making a mistake wasn't a concern....

as I stated I mailed the kit back in the box via ups and was surprised that they got it on the next day....so..after talking with Matt at Corinthian marine carpets in portland oregon....so, we talked a bit to get some instructions understood....then Matt, gave me a price on the whole kit.....about 400 bucks for the complete set up and I was going to install the carpet snaps myself.....so..tuesday I pulled the trigger and told him to make the set....wednesday Matt called me with a quick question for clarification purposes and thursday the whole kit was at my door!!!....now...I don't know about anyone here....but that is incredible service!!....

the carpets are the same as my carpets in the cockpit....rubber backed....thunder grey and extremely good quality.....I was totally surprised and happy with the whole thing.....the next weekend I found it fairly easy to install the snaps once I got the snap tool and about a 100 bucks worth of stainless steel snaps...


 here are some pic's of the instl...before the snaps are installed...


after the snaps are installed...simple process with the right tool. 

carpets installed in the salon steps..that was the easiest part..3 snaps are plenty to hold them firm...


the swim step was a bit more of a challenge...fear of things falling overboard as well as getting it right the first time....as you can see, the snaps are drilled into the deck...sealed with silicone sealant of course.


the completed project...now the dogs can get on and off the dock easily...the carpets are easily washed with simple green and a hose...then dried over the bow rails or taken home and cleaned there...I use 2 halves on the stern for ease of removal and placement....

Created: 11/01/2009
Tags: custom boat carpet, swim step carpets, carpets, Custom Boat Carpets, replacement boat carpet, boat carpet
Description: adding cockpit carpets to the swim step...

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