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This system was MADE IN AMERICA, 100% on American Soil, Owned and Operated in the USA by the Hot Media Group Located in Lisle, Illinois - Suburb of Chicago.     

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It's your own boating website! MySite is actually your website within HotBoatDeals.com. Post your pictures, videos, and make web pages of your stories as well as your main products and services if you are a business related to the boating industry.

Here you can create your own web pages whether it be for business or pleasure. If you are a business, make a web page with a map to your location along with your business hours and some contact information.

Have you gone on a boat trip and taken videos along the way? We want to see them! Have video demonstrations of your boating products? Upload them! Have a video which you'd like to share with the boating public? Let's see it!

Have pictures of your products? Upload them! Using our special picture uploads feature you can post hundreds of pictures into your own photo albums in very little time. The average is 3 minutes for every 100 pictures! That's normally the time it would take on most other websites for only one picture! Upload entire folders of boating pictures or drag and drop only the one's you want. The pictures will be resized while still on your computer (leaving the originals untouched) and then send the smaller versions of them to your photo album! It's really a cool sight to see!

Do you have some thoughts you'd like to share with everyone? Start a blog and write them down.

Want to put other images on your page? Upload them to your own images folder and use them on your web pages.

Within your own MySite You can list for sale as many boats or boating products as you have for sale. You can upload your boating videos here as well. With our system we make it possible to use those same photo albums and videos with your advertisements of your boats or boating products for sale!

Yes, just admit it, you are a boating enthusiast! Just like the rest of us. You love to talk about your boat, show pictures of your boat, and now share your videos of ALL your boating experiences. We don't only want to see the funny ones we want to see all of them!

Here at Hot Boat Deals you can create your own website complete with pictures, videos and ALL your boating stories.

So really, what can i use MySite for? It's a place for you to establish as your own home on HotBoatDeals.com, and to make it easier to find your MySite you can pick a nickname/profile/avatar for your own pages on HotBoatDeals.com. This is a simple address or way to get into your MySite will be...


having this simple address can make it easier to get directly into your own MySite or for all your buddies to find you. Just about everything you'll want to do on Hot Boat Deals is done through your own MySite.

So Have fun, make some money, and have fun!

Thanks for visiting, And I hope you have fun here!
Branden deBuhr

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