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Welcome to the Hot Boat Deals Photo Gallery

This photo gallery system was created so that our members could post online their own pictures and organize them into Albums. Each picture can have it's own security settings to control who can see your pictures. Your pictures can also each have it's own title and description to help allow people to search for your pictures using the search form at the top center of every page.

Rafting Parties

2013 Chicago Scene Boat Party

Here are my pictures from the 2013 Chicago Scene boat party. It was a cold cloudy day but still the weather did not keep the true die hards away. My thinking is that most will show up next weekend for a "redo".

4th of July 2012 Chicago Playpen Boat Party

Here are my pictures from the 4th of July 2012 in the Chicago Playpen. We were tied up to the Surreal boat which was listing when we got there due to having so many people on board. WOW what a sound system they have! You go Brian!!!

Surreal Chicago doing the Playpen on 7-4-2011

The Surreal Chicago yacht doing the playpen boat party in Chicago on the 4th of July. Great Weather, Beautiful People, and Fun in the sun! Happy Birthday America!

Chicago Scene Boat Party 2010

These are my pictures from the Chicago Scene Boat party from last summer in 2010. We chartered the Anita Dee for the day.

The Cancelled 2011 Chicago-Scene.com Boat Party Pictures

Here are my pictures from the Cancelled 2011 Chicago Scene Boat Party. It was really a complicated mess as to why it was cancelled but no matter, everyone still showed up and did what they do every weekend! Party and have FUN!

July 4th 2011 Chicago Playpen Boat Party

These are the pictures from the Chicago Playpen on July 4th 2011. We got in with a real good group of boats that were already partying down as you will see in these pictures. Enjoy!

2010 Chicago Scene Boat Party

These are the pictures from the Chicago Scene Boat Party on July 31st 2010. More information to come, it was a crazy day! Full of pretty people, lots of skin, and people letting a little too loose...

Chicago Playpen Boat party 6-19-2010

This was the first Chicago Playpen Boat Party That I've been to. It appears that I tied up with the high rollers that must be there every Saturday! These guy's know how to party, some a little too much and others that never stop dancing! But with boats having 6000 watts of sound pumping all day long, it's almost hard not to have your body jam to the music. Some of the pictures in this album along with a few videos may need to have your content rating turned up to see them all. Enjoy! I know i did taking them! See you and all my new friends from the playpen next week! FYI, for those who don't know, the playpen is on Lake Michigan in Chicago, just north of Navy Pier.

Chicago Scene Boat Party 2009 Pictures

These are the pictures from the Chicago Scene Boat Party 2009. I was told that the party was small, not much going on but as these pictures show there were still quite a few boats out there and still quite a few racy pictures. In order to see these pictures, you'll need to register and set your content setting to (parents strongly cautioned).

AquaPalooza Pictures

These are pictures from Aquapalooza. I'm not sure where I got these from but I know that they're not posted on the website anywhere that I know of. So here they are!

Chicago Scene Dot Com Boat Party 2008

This is the Annual Chicago Scene Boat Party for 2008 which I miss every year because I'm doing the family thing in Grand Haven Michigan every year! This years party looks like it was OFF THE HOOK!! As my buddy from Detroit says it! WOW! Every babe in these pictures looks like she came right off a Modeling runway!

Chicago Scene Boat Party 2007

2007 Again showing of the beautiful people in Chicago. Location of event is just off Lake Shore Drive and north of Navy Pier. It's called the Playpen! Boy this is alot of fun! Why don't you come out and join us this year!

Chicago Scene Boat Party 2006

2006 Showing of the beautiful people in Chicago. Location of event is just off Lake Shore Drive and north of Navy Pier. It's called the Playpen! And it's a blast!

Muscamoot Bay - The Gauntlet

This is just what happens every Saturday and Sunday on Lake St. Claire. Every weekend of the summer. These people are some hard core party animals.

Grand Haven Coast Guard Fest 2004

Here is our trip in 2004 and our Starcraft CSS181 from 1984.

Chicago Boat Party Playpen 2006 Parties

This is a really cool event which goes on in an area of the Chicago Shoreline called the Playpen. I believe it is because of the fact that Hugh Hefner used to be just down the street from here with the playboy club atop the John Handcock building.

Jobbienooner June 2007

This is an unofficial event which takes place in Lake St. Clair Michigan. It get's pretty crazy! There are all sorts of people at this event. It's not just the 20's croud. It's everyone!

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